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MINDSTRONG© is a seven-session, evidence-based cognitive-behavioral skills building program that you, as a health and wellness professional can deliver to your students. Become trained to deliver this program and improve resiliency and healthy lifestyle behaviors. 

BHAC offers MINDSTRONG© wholly online and the training is in collaboration with, and as a product of, The Ohio State University, developed by Dr. Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk.

The program approaches students in two ways:
o   Provides preventative techniques to help develop a resilient skill-set to improve overall mental and physical health. 
o   Tailors methods to reach those who are already impacted from anxiety and/or depression and need to quickly put resiliency skills in practice. 

The program builds upon 16 research studies that support positive findings in lowering depression, anxiety and stress among young adults.  And, once trained, you, as a health and wellness professional, can deliver this program to individuals on your campus for as low as $25 per participant.


Add MINDSTRONG© to your wellness programming.


o   Four hour, live online instructor training
o   Easy-to-use program manual



o   Boost self-esteem    
o   Instill mental resiliency          
o   Teach healthy eating habits
o   Develop optimism    
o   Build behavioral skills            
o   Exercise good sleep habits

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