April 29

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6:30am   Fitness Activity Fitness Activity
7:30am Registration Opens

Registration Opens

Healthy Continental Breakfast (7:30am - 9:00am)

Registration Opens

Healthy Continental Breakfast

8:00am Health Athlete Pre-Summit Workshop Exhibits Open Exhibits Open
8:30am     Poster Session
9:00am   Welcome & Opening Remarks Plenary Session IV: Ron Goetzel, Do Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs Work?
9:15am   Plenary Session I: Culture Eats Strategy  
10:15am   Wellness Activity & Break

Unique Health & Wellness Initiatives

Building Cultures of Well-Being: The Happiness Approach

Building Cultures of Well-Being: Students on the Autism Spectrum

Culture of Wellness in Academic Institutions: Best Practices and Key Findings from the literature

10:30am   Plenary Session II: The Happiness Epidemic - Catch It If You Can


Joyful Teaching and Learning – Active Learning for Cultivating a Sense of Wonder

Toward an advanced understanding of CRPs: Identifying student needs and employee roles

11:30am   Poster Session

Innovations in Academic Health and Education: Commemorating the 1918 Spanish Flu

Playing “Well” in the Sandbox: Strategies for designing and implementing employee wellness programs with faculty

Communicating a Culture of Health for Graduate Assistants at the University of Florida

Integrating Programs and Services to Meet the Needs of the Whole Student

12:00pm   Networking Lunch

Unique Health & Wellness Initiatives

Building a Culture of Well-Being at Pace University: How the College of Health Professions is Promoting Self-Care Education

Building Resilience Initiative at the University of Iowa

Starting a Health and Wellbeing Model: Using Collective Impact as a Foundational Framework

12:30pm   Wellness Activity  


Building Cultures of Wellness to Optimize Health, Well-being, and ROI

Financial Wellness

Texting as a Health Promotion Method

BHAC Journal Publishing: Essentials Tips 

Building a Healthy Community One Paw at a Time


Unique Health & Wellness Initiatives

Emotionally Healthy Peer Review in the Classroom and the Workplace

Creating Office Athletes

Creating Healthy Campus Networks throughout the University of California


Advancing Equity in the Mental Health Supply Chain: Empirical Evidence from a Mobile App

A Pilot Nutrition Intervention for University Employees: Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

Impact of a Full Time Facility Dog on University Campus


2:15pm   Break


Wellbeing and College Success in Undergraduate Students

Student Resilience, Belonging and Community

An Effective Model to Build a Culture of Well-Being


Advancing Faculty and Staff Health and Well-being through the Built Environment: Development of Well-being Design Principles at Columbia University

Balancing Partnerships to Achieve Harmonized Results: Miami University's Approach

Guess Who Got Engaged? Workforce Engagement and Why You MUST Care

Culture of Wellness in Academic Institutions: Best Practices and Key Findings from the Literature


Outcomes from an Inter-association Commitment to Well-being

Innovative Engagement Strategies – The Role of Game Based Learning in Health & Wellness Program

Addressing Specific Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness in the Digital World

GoUSF: University of San Francisco's Holistic Wellness Program

Plenary Session V and Call to Action: The Mental Health Epidemic in America
3:30pm   Beak  
3:45pm   Plenary Session III  
5:00pm   Reception at the Ohio Union