BHAC has partnered with respected health content website Everyday Health to take a closer look at the site's eye-opening report on the state of stress in its special report: The United States of Stress

Everyday Health surveyed 6,700 Americans ages 18 to 64 across demographic groups, gender, and health conditions to find out what stresses us and how we cope. It then invited some of the nation’s top “stress response” thinkers to weigh in on the survey data and offer insights.

Everyday Health's expert panelists — among them some of the nation’s top researchers — say they’ve been genuinely surprised about the extent of harm wrought by chronic stress and the lack of attention paid to it.

Key findings of the report include:

• Almost one-third of those surveyed say they visited a doctor about something stress-related.

• 57 percent of the survey respondents say they are paralyzed by stress; 43 percent say they are invigorated by stress.

• 51 percent of the women surveyed say they don’t see friends at all in an average week.

• 59 percent of baby boomers have never been diagnosed with a mental health issue; 52 percent of Gen Zers already have been.

• Just over one third of all respondents say their job or career is a regular source of stress. Among millennials and Gen Zers, the chronically work-stressed rises to 44 percent.

• More than half of women (51 percent) say they feel bad about their appearance weekly, and 28 percent say their appearance regularly causes them stress. Only 34 percent of men say they feel bad about their appearance weekly.

• 52 percent of respondents say financial issues regularly stress them out, well above the 35 percent who cited jobs and careers as the next most common stressor.

• 47 percent of all respondents — with women and men almost evenly matched — say that their response to stress is to take it out on themselves.

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