BHAC membership


Building Healthy Academic Communities works to promote, connect and support the growth and the success of organizations and leaders across the United States. We do this through:

– Promoting best evidence-based practices, policies, and recommendations to enhance wellness cultures in academic communities. 

– Conducting research and evidence-based quality improvement projects to improve population health and well-being on campus.
– Fostering innovative collaborative transdisciplinary initiatives across institutions to build healthy academic communities.  
– Serving as a premier resource for health and well-being professional development and leadership for higher education. 


Who can be a member? 

Building Healthy Academic Communities (BHAC’s) membership is comprised of academic and non-academic organizations of all sizes. We invite any organization or individual that shares an interest in the growth and future development of healthy academic communities to become a member. Our geographic boundaries include The United States. However, we seek to expand the participation of our international colleagues. 


Why should I be a member? 

Organizations can join the Consortium for a wide variety of reasons: 

–  To participate in our networking, professional development, and signature events. 

–  For the promotional and marketing opportunities available to members and the increased visibility and credibility that comes with being a member. 

–  A feeling of community from supporting the only organization that represents the entire academic community ecosystem. 


How much does being a member cost? 

We have membership levels to fit all individuals and size of campus.

College or University
This membership is for single campuses or multi-campus systems based on total enrollment numbers. Membership includes any and all employees submitted for membership under this institution. 


1 to 5,000 $1,000 annual - $1500 for 2 years
5,001 - 25,000 $3,000 annual - $4500 for 2 years 
25,001+ $4,000 annual - $6000 for 2 years





College, VP Unit or Department
This membership is for any academic department interested in joining as a group membership. Membership includes employees submitted within that department only. This membership is available for no more than three membership years, with the expectation that Deparment Members shall move to College/University membership at the end of year 3 . 

Academic Department $1,000 annual                    


This membership is for non-profit organizations or companies who are interested in building healthy cultures. Membership includes any and all employees submitted for membership under this organization. 

Non-Profit             $1,000 annual           



Company or Corporation
This membership is for companies who have applicable interests with our academic counterparts. Membership includes any and all employees submitted for membership under this institution. 

Company/Corporation $4,000 annual                    


This membership includes affiliated professionals or students who are advocates of healthy cultures. 


Professional $112 for 2 years    
Student $25 annual



Become a member today! Questions? Contact us: