Topic Categories:

  1. Physical Well-being
    1. Physical Activity
      1. à CDC provided information about physical activity guidelines, recommendations, data, and statistics
      2. à CDC guide to implementing physical activity in the workplace
      3. à U.S. Department of Health and Human Services physical activity guidelines
      4. à American College of Sports Medicine physical activity guidelines
    2. Tobacco Cessation
      1. à Ohio Department of Health tobacco use prevention and cessation
      2. à SAMHSA drug-free workplace toolkit
      3. à American Lung Association Tobacco Cessation
    3. Nutrition
      1. à U.S. Department of Health and Human Services dietary guidelines
      2. à CDC food service guidelines in public facilities
      3. à The American Heart Association diet and lifestyle recommendations
    4. Sleep
      1. à CDC tips for better sleep
      2. à Sleep Foundation sleep recommendations
      3. à American Sleep Association tips to get better sleep
  2. Emotional Well-being
    1. à CDC Mental Health in the Workplace
    2. à World Health Organization Mental Health in the workplace
    3. à Center for Workplace Mental Health
    4. à Ohio Department of Insurance mental health in the workplace employer toolkit
    5. à American Psychological Association mental health excellence in the workplace
    6. à Mental Health America: The Mind The Workplace 2022 Report
  3. Financial Well-being
    1. à Consumer Financial Protection Bureau choosing a loan
    2. à Government Benefits resources for financial wellness
    3. à Money Fit Financial Wellness Program
    4. à Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center workplace financial wellness
    5. à CDC Effect of Financial Stress
    6. à Consumer Financial Protection Bureau financial wellness at work



  1. Cardiovascular disease (heart health)
    1. à Journal of the American Heart Association cardiovascular health research in the workplace
    2. à CDC heart disease and stroke prevention: workplace health
    3. à CDC heart health: workplace health promotion
    4. à Heart Foundation tips for keeping your heart healthy
    5. à Resolve to Save Lives cardiovascular disease
    6. à American Heart Association health in the workplace
  2. Cancer prevention
    1. à American Cancer Society guidelines for early detection of cancer
    2. à CDC cancer prevention and worksite health promotion
    3. à American Cancer Society cancer in the workplace HR tip sheet
    4. à National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Prevention major programs
  3. Diabetes
    1. à CDC Diabetes
    2. à CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program
    3. à CDC Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit
    4. à American Diabetes Association risk test
    5. à U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission diabetes in the workplace and the ADA
    6. à CDC diabetes in the workplace


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