Call for 2018 Board of Director Open Positions

National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities Board of Directors

  • Determines the vision, mission, goals and strategic plan for the organization. Creates and periodically reviews, as well as refines the vision, mission, goals and strategic plan of the organization.
  • Monitors the progress and outcomes of BHAC’s strategic plan. Assists in outcomes evaluation of the strategic plan and makes changes accordingly so that the plan is dynamic and in tune with future trends and evidence-based practices.
  • Assists with membership engagement and recruitment of new members. Helps in the reaching out to members to encourage active engagement and assists with the recruitment of new members
  • Monitors and strengthens BHAC’s programs and services. Determines which programs are consistent with NCBHAC's mission and monitors their effectiveness.
  • Assists with ensuring solid financial resources. Helps to secure adequate resources for NCBHAC to fulfill its mission by encouraging peer organizations to become members, referring the names of potential summit sponsors, suggesting non-dues revenue sources (e.g., ancillary services and benefits), etc.
  • Assists with planning of the BHAC Summit. Contributes to the planning of the biannual event.
  • Chairs a standing committee.
  • Attends board meetings and the BHAC Summit.

President-Elect Responsibilities

Term of Office:  One year, followed by two years as President and one year as past president. The term begins July 1 following the year elected.

  1. Works closely with the president to ensure successful implementation of the BHAC strategic plan.
  2. Assumes duties as needed in the absence of the president.
  3. Co-chairs the BHAC Summit with the host site’s co-chair.
  4. Determines board member educational needs (including an orientation) and works with the president to implement.

Secretary Responsibilities

Term of Office:  One year. The term begins July 1 following the year elected.

  1. Attends all board meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, the secretary must secure another board member to take minutes.
    1. If unable to attend, a written report should be submitted to the secretary at least one day prior to the meeting. The secretary is responsible for including report in meeting minutes. 
  2. Completes semi-annual review of the strategic plan as needed, and assists the president in completing the annual report.
  3. Takes minutes at all board meetings, distributes minutes to all board members and general membership via listserv, and submits document in members-only area of web page.
  4. Maintains BHAC files and records, including publications, meeting notices, and minutes; posts in board member area on web page as appropriate.
  5. Adds chapter accomplishments and mementos to NCBHAC history record.
  6. Assists the president in preparing correspondence as requested.
  7. Keep records of board meeting attendance.

Treasurer Responsibilities

Term of Office:  Two years. The term begins July 1 following the year elected.

  1. Assures accurate financial accounting, and supervises financial-related activities of the staff.
  2. Reviews the monthly balance sheet and statement of financial activities and ensures that they are distributed to board members.
  3. Assists the CEO in maintaining bank accounts. Provides separate budgets for appropriate committees.
  4. Facilitates the BHAC budget process.  Assures board-approved annual budget by first-quarter meeting, which includes individual committee budgets submitted by each committee as requested by the board.
  5. Arranges for an audit or financial review annually.
  6. Establishes a format for the biannual summit accounting to ensure consistent and comparable reporting (as a different university will host the event every two years).
  7. Ensures the organization maintains an updated list of members that have paid their annual dues, and assists in contacting members for timely dues collection.
  8. Recommendsstrategies for investing BHAC surplus funds that exceed the operational budget to the board.

Membership Chair Responsibilities

Term of Office: One year. The term begins July 1 following the year elected.

  1. Establishes a membership committee to assist with recruitment and retention of BHAC members.
  2. Recommends ancillary membership services and benefits, as appropriate, to attract and retain members.
  3. Maintains current roster. Submits an updated list to the member area of the website quarterly.  
  4. Reports on new and total members at board meetings.
  5. Reviews and approves new membership applications.
  6. Provides a membership confirmation to all members upon receipt of their membership form. As part of this confirmation, assures that all members receive their website user name, a list of committees to join, and meeting dates.

Research and Evidence-based Practice Committee Chair Responsibilities

Term of Office: Two Years. The term begins July 1 following the year elected.

  1. Ensures practices being promoted by BHAC are evidence-based.
  2. Leads the generation of research and evidence-based projects that can be of benefit to the entire BHAC organization.
  3. Oversees the abstract submission and review process for BHAC summits.
  4. Monitors outcomes to determine impact of BHAC.

Marketing and Communications Chair Responsibilities

Term of Office:  One year. The term begins July 1 following the year elected.

  1. Establishes a marketing/communications committee to assist with the following functions:
    1. Identify potential member institutions.
    2. Work with membership chair to assist with membership recruitment.
  2. Provides consultation and expertise to committee chairs and the board regarding marketing and communication projects.
  3. Assists staff and officers with promoting attendance at the biannual summit and other organizational events.
  4. Advises the program coordinator on website content, including research and organizational updates, to promote BHAC on a national level.
  5. Participate in social media to promote BHAC activities.
  6. Recommend activities and practices that build and maintain BHAC’s reputation as the premier organization promoting campus and community health and wellness.

Advisory Board Chair Responsibilities

Term of Office: Two years. The term begins July 1 following the year elected.

  1. Sits on the board of directors as the advisory board’s representative.
  2. Reports advisory board activity to the board of directors.
  3. Recommends actions to the advisory board as necessary, based on board of directors’ decisions and directions.
  4. Serves on the finance committee and advises on the annual operational budget.
  5. Volunteers to serve on another standing committee.
  6. Assists officers and staff with planning the biannual summit.
  7. Serves as a liaison for BHAC members to the advisory board and board of directors.  

Contact Executive Director Brad Feldman if interested or have questions regarding volunteering for BHAC. He may be reached at or (614) 915-0123.